Friday, September 9, 2011

Pantry Revamp Part One

One of the many projects I have in the works right now is my pantry. I would love to say, it is done and here is the reveal of all my hard work. However it is not finished. I have made a big step in my life and that is slowing down, being patient and taking my time with some of my projects. The pantry is an area, that as many of you know, can require a great deal of cash for all those handy dandy canisters or containers for food. I have set out determined not to spend even close to a great deal of money, so taking my time with the completion of my pantry is my only option.
Here is one of my thrifty finds for food storage. Why spend money on an empty plastic container when I could get one filled with crackers my kiddos eat?
 Funny story about these crackers...
So as you see these are Winnie The Pooh crackers AKA in our family Pooh crackers. I was in a store one day and asked my daughter, "would you like to have some Pooh crackers?" The lady passing by shot a look at me and said, "gross!" I had to explain myself that they are Winnie The Pooh, not what she was thinking I was offering my child. From that point on, I make it a point to say his proper and full name.
Any how here is what these containers have been transformed into after a  nice warm soapy soak in the sink.
Hint: If you are patient the label just peals right off after a good long soak. If you are impatient as I was for some most of them then this is what you will need to do
To get rid of the sticky residue from the glue I used a product called Goo Gone. 
The lids to the crackers formerly were blue so they had an encounter with spray paint.
Here are what these cracker containers have been transformed into.

For the labels you will need:
Black Burlap
A Sewing Machine
White Thread
White Paint
A Thin Paint Brush
Needle with a wide eye
Scotch Tape

How I did it:
Cut two pieces of burlap to the size you desire. Sew them together with white thread using a Zig Zag stitch. With your paint brush and paint hand paint your words. You could use a stencil, I wanted a country store feel for mine not manufactured so I choose to paint free hand. Then I cut my twine to the length where I wanted my labels to hang, leaving extra for the knots to be tied. At one end of my twine I wrapped a small piece of scotch tape. This allows the twine to thread through the needle easier. I then stuck the twine through  my burlap label creating a loop that will hang around the plastic container like a necklace. Tie knots in the ends of your twine and viola you are done!

Having labels that are easy to change  if the contents change is a great addition to these containers. Nothing permanent here! I love the versatility and flexibility of these signs. Another hint: You could have different words on the opposite side of the label.

So there you have it, one of my thrifty transformations for my pantry make over. Soon  the whole pantry will be revealed. But for now, I hope you were inspired to be creative with what you have or what you could use for pantry organization.

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