Saturday, August 20, 2011

Homeschool Classroom Makeover

It is that time again... school! As many of you may remember our homeschool classroom has changed location for the fourth time, now to our family room. You can see more of that here.  So far I have loved it... the location that is, not how it looked. I have been busy making some changes. First here is just a bit of a reminder of what it changed from.

The chairs finally got to go outside for a day of pampering! Something I have been meaning to do for awhile! Armed with a can of black spray paint I gave them a make over we are all thankful for! They look so pretty now! Well as pretty as school chairs can look.
Here is a look around the room. Some more before and afters of the changes made.
I changed the lamp and this very bare boring wall turned into this...
The basket on the wall (far right) also had a date with the spray paint.
With help from my happy helpers. The Golden Retriever is my wonder dog named Dexter and the Sheltie belongs to Mandy at Mandipidy.
Hanging right next to the chalk board on the right is this mason jar. It used to house spaghetti sauce and now will be the home to chalk... maybe flowers! Or as a good friend suggested maybe it's contents will change with the seasons. I used a curtain rod hook and picture hanging wire to hang it on the wall. I simply put it around the bottle as you would if you were going to tie a bow. Instead of a bow I just kept wrapping it around the jar and then took the ends and wrapped them tight around the hook. It was that simple. Now more of the room.
 I love having a place for my kiddos to read books! I change out the books in the basket, especially since kids tend to pick the same book over and over again... until "yes we have that one memorized honey!"

Come back for my next post... I will be showing you the fun thing I did with my gallery wall! I am  so excited and I just know you will be too! :)

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