Monday, May 2, 2011

A Family Homeschool Classroom

Our homeschool classroom has moved... again! Here is where we moved from Click here... A Classy Classroom.

The bedroom we had our classroom in is now being transformed into just that, a bedroom. My next best location, the family room. I had my reservations with having a classroom in the main part of the house, but with a baby on the way, it seems to be the best place for it. School can keep going on even while baby has a need for me to attend to.
Here is the beginning of our new classroom as we know it. I still have a few details to attend to, but for now it is working out just great.

It is so wonderful having a chalk board!
The kids love drawing on it! I love that they also use it to practice what they learned that day in school. From math problems to handwriting, a chalk board is a great tool!I placed a stool at the chalkboard for the extra "short" students in our family.

Another great tool is the framed burlap board (pictured to the right of the chalk board) to display flannel board pieces.


Underneath my apple cabinet (pictured there next to the large computer cabinet) I have a Finished Work Box. My kids love getting to stamp their pages for a job well done before placing their completed work in the box.

Here is a look inside my classroom closet. On the wall I used picture hanging wire to display art work. The pages are hung using clothespins.
 The closet not only stores all my supplies, it serves as a learning center as well.

The Dry Erase board is a tool I use. From a list of the day's plans, the weeks Bible verse, vocabulary words, to quick thoughts... I love it! Anything I write on the chalk board most likely will be colored over or erased by one of my sweet darlings. This Dry Erase board is safe from little hands!

To save on space, I store my books in plastic bins. I select books each week and place them in a separate basket for easy access for my kids.

The basket is also easy for the kids to place books back where they belong.

Another very loved tool in our classroom is our easel! I placed a child size chair in front of it and my kids love standing or sitting while they draw. Whether we are doing school or the kids are just enjoying the classroom, having a place where learning and creativity never ends is fabulous!

Family room meet classroom is working out MARVELOUS! I truly think this is our best location yet!

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