Saturday, January 22, 2011

Personalized Chore Charts

I am under the belief that it is good for children to help out around the house. What I have experienced over the years is that children like helping out. When resistance comes to helping, it is usually because the fun that was once found by the child has been lost... or outgrown. Another obstacle I have faced to having my kids help out is them not remembering what has been asked of them leaving the job undone. The constant reminder or nagging to a child wears on everyone and let's face it, it is annoying! I have tried the "put a sticker on your chart" kind of chart for chores and well, it just got old after a while. I personally did not find it successful in our home for an every day chore chart. For a short period of time those type of charts work well for me (like potty training). When the chart is filled and a reward is earned works great for motivating the child. However long term, I wanted something more. Something that would not leave me nagging and frustrated and would give my kids the chance to succeed at what was being asked of them. I am thrilled to say I think I have found just that! A personalized chore chart that is easy for my kids to know exactly what is expected of them and for them to accomplish just that. I also feel that this chart can be used as early as age two, it is that simple! Though at two the child will of course need more parental guidance.

Here is what I have come up with and so far we have had great success! We have been putting this to use for a month and a half now and I am so pleased with the results! My kids love getting to see their star once they have completed a task.

I found these unfinished frames at Jo Ann's Craft store. They were in packs of four or individual packs. They have a wooden peg in the back for propping it up. Since that was not my final plan for the frame I purchased (at the hardware store) picture frame hooks that I  nailed to the back.

Next I made a template for where I would be drilling holes for the hooks. I purchased the hooks at the hardware store. They are hooks for hanging mugs.

I laid the tags on the holes to make sure my spacing was good.

You will need a drill and pliers for twisting the hooks into the wood. You will want to paint the frames first. I just tested a hook in my first frame to make sure my idea would work, before taking the time to paint.

I bought these tags at Jo Ann's Craft store in the scrap booking section. I covered the tags  in clear contact paper (purchased at Target in the home cleaning section). The back of the tag was white. I painted the tag a solid color then added a star and an encouraging word. Such as "Great Job!" You will need a hole punch to make the hole through the contact paper.

The tags for the younger kids who either don't read or are learning to read adding pictures of the chore makes this chart a success. If the child does not know what to do, then you are back to where you started from.  I am not an artist so please ignore my juvenile drawings... but hey my kids know what the chore is so all is good.

When the chore is complete the child simply turns the tag over! The side with the star shows you just gave your child an opportunity to shine!
 I hung the frames outside my girls rooms. This way they can wake up each morning and get their day "star"ted right!
Even placing the simple tasks on their chore charts of getting dressed, brush your teeth, make your bed etc. leaves me no longer reminding... aka nagging. These chore charts lead to a much happier, more peaceful and productive home... cuz Mama ain't nagging!

Tools and Supplies 

Picture hanger for back of frame
Clear Contact Paper
Mug Hooks
Acrylic Paint
Hole Punch
Picture of your sweet star

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