Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't Love It... Loose It!

We are so excited around my home! The weeks are dwindling away as we are getting so close to welcoming a new baby into our lives. Our hearts are just bursting with wonderment... a new baby... a baby boy... what will life be like with a brother for my four girls, a son for us? Five kids, FIVE kids, does that not sound like a house full?!
With a house full comes some rearranging that has been taking place to prepare for baby. I realize part of it is the natural nesting stage of pregnancy, but along with that comes the necessity of getting organized! I decided with adding another person into our lives, the wise thing for me to do is eliminate! I have been busy getting rid of some items that are not needed around our home. Clothes, shoes, toys, towels, blankets, baby girl things, oh my!  We just have so much "stuff" and I am exhausted from shuffling "stuff" from place to place! So here is what I have running through my head as I come across an item, "If I don't love it... LOOSE IT!" Let it be loved by someone else out there!
I have set a years time frame for myself on this entire home "No love... LOST" mission I am on. I figure for the all now side of me, knowing that this is a year long goal, it gives me balance and perspective. I do not have to become overwhelmed when I open a closet that desperately needs some attention while knowing I am in the middle of another area of the home that has my attention. Instead I remind myself, this is going to take some time. There is a long term change that is taking place. A new way of living in our home is being established. Or should I say reestablished. I used to live by this mentality. If I did not love an item I immediately got rid of it. Then child after child happened mixed with my husband leaving his job to enter into full time ministry. Paychecks were, well meager and the, "you never know when you may need this item" mentality took over. Boy did it take over! No more! I am ready to purge!
So I encourage you... take a look around your home. Are you just living with things? Or are you surrounded by things you enjoy and love? If you have a house filled with things you could stand to live with out, then get it out! If you are surrounded by things you just don't enjoy looking at, then why have it in your home? This is where I am at. Why have things in my home that take up my time and attention if I get nothing out of them? Why can't a soap dispenser be something I like looking at, if I am going to use it every day? "If I don't love it... LOOSE IT!" Come join me in letting go, getting rid of, purging items, if you find yourself in the same place I find myself in these days! "No love...  get LOST!"

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