Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mason Jar Memories

Capturing memories in mason jars... how fun is this? Thinking my idea for photos in mason jars was just genius, I decided to Google to see if this genius idea was already thought up by someone else. It was! Okay so I may not be as original as I thought! Too funny! But as my sweet husband told me, "it was still your idea... until you found out it was someone elses." Thanks for not re-bursting my bubble honey!
I found these turquoise mason jars at an antique store and I just fell in love! I have been wanting to redo my downstairs bathroom with a mason jar theme for quite awhile now. Though the bathroom is not yet started my inspiration has my imagination soaring. I decided to go with a beachy theme to my photos, being that I am a California girl living in the mountains. Needless to say... missing the ocean. So with out much further ado enjoy!
 All prints are 4x6.
I just can't wait until I begin working on the bathroom!

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