Friday, March 25, 2011

Minky and Flannel Baby Blanket

 I can not claim to be a sewer but I am a proud owner of a sewing machine. I do enjoy zipping around a piece of fabric now and again. Though I can not boast in my work I can confess I have fun trying. I grew up with a mom who is an amazing sewer and quilter at that! I know the look of a beautiful stitch, perfect corners and amazing craftsmanship when I see it. Knowing all of this has kept me from the confidence of just trying my hand at much when it comes to sewing. As well as the need to even try... why when mom could do a fabulous job for me? Now that I am miles away from mom, I decided why not just try to create a blanket for my sweet baby boy? Who needs perfect when I could just have fun in the process? Perfect was FAR from accomplished but fun and satisfaction was most definitely achieved.

A very basic border of minky fabric squares with a center of flannel fabric. The back is a solid piece of blue minky fabric. I  then tied the center with embroidery thread to keep the middle from sliding around as well as adding a bit of  fun.
Though I will not be winning any awards on this one, I did get "wows" and "awe" from my adoring fans... my kids! I even have orders piling up to make more... oh the sweet support of my children. 
I hope this encourages you to just try whatever it is you have been hesitant, but wanting to do, because the lack of perfection will be present. I am so glad I did. It is only for the courage of mistakes that lead us to masterpieces!

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