Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Easy Fun Desserts

Something fun to eat can be something fast to make. My kids love having fun as every kid does. They also love having fun desserts to devour!
Here are two very easy desserts that keep the fun happening and smiles shining!

Already made Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough makes for quick cookies! Top that warm out of the oven cookie with some ice cream and you have a super simple dessert sure to bring on a smile!

I am a California girl who spent her life at the beach! Summers were always filled with beach days ending in beach nights by the bon fire. Toasting marshmallows to slap on a graham cracker and Hershey chocolate bar were always a summertime treat! I am now a mountain girl missing my summer beach days. I may be missing the ocean and the bon fire but I am not missing the S'mores! With the use of my microwave I treated my girls to a summertime treat at home! Not quite the same taste, but definitely brought on smiles and fun!
You could use one big marshmallow but I thought the little ones added some extra fun for little kids. Just 15 seconds in the microwave the marshmallows puff up like this and the chocolate is just the right amount of melted.

Oh my little girl keeps us laughing! I must warn you... your kids will enjoy eating it as much as they enjoy wearing it all over their face!

Happy Summer all!

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