Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crock Pot Corn Chowder

One of my favorite things on a crisp fall or cold winter day is a bowl of my yummy corn chowder. Often times I like to serve it in a bread bowl to add to the YUM factor!
Here is my recipe. You can find many other versions... this just happens to be what I threw together one day and was so glad I did!


Onion- Diced (I use half an onion)
Carrots- Chopped
Celery- Chopped (about 3-4 stalks)
(2) Cans Whole (or diced) Potatoes
(2) Cans Whole Kernel Corn
(2) Cans Cream Corn
Cooked Ham- Chopped (I buy Ham Steaks at Costco and keep them in my freezer HINT: if frozen I defrost it in a sink or bowl of hot water while still in the package.)
 (one ham steak is enough)
Flour 1/2 cup
Milk (1-2 cups depending on the consistency of your chowder base)
Butter (1 stick)
Chicken Stock (3 Cups) (I buy the 32oz box so I have a little extra if I need to thin down the chowder)
Grated Cheese (Sharp or a Cheddar, Monterey Jack mix)

What I do:

In a stock pot, melt the butter. Then add the onion, celery and carrots and saute. Salt and pepper to your preference. When the veggies begin to soften a bit, add the flour and let it cook (careful not to burn it). Once that mixture turns to paste, slowly add the chicken stock  and then the milk (making sure you keep the chowder consistency and not that of soup. So you many not need all the milk or stock.)  Keep stirring to keep from lumping. Once you have a good consistency for the base of your chowder add the corn, cream corn, ham and potatoes. Stir. At this point I pour the chowder in my crock pot so it can cook all day on low. Just before serving I add the grated cheese. You can choose to add it to the entire batch or per bowl. I chose to do it per bowl.

Note: If you did not prefer to use the crock pot,  just add some saute time to your veggies in the beginning. Let the chowder simmer on the stove for about 20- 30 minuets.

Fall is in the air and Corn Chowder soon in my Crock Pot!
Hope you enjoy!

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