Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tea Party

 When each of my girls tun six years of age, for their Birthdays they will or have received a porcelain tea set from me. Two of my four have hit age six, so we have been enjoying tea from tiny cups for many years now. Pinkies up, napkin in your laps and sip don't slurp, you got that "darling?"
Our tea parties have varied over the years but one thing is always the same, smiling faces on little girls acting like ladies. Sometimes we dress in dress up clothes and adorn ourselves in jewels, other times we read those adorable Fancy Nancy books while snacking on treats and sipping tea. Sometimes we have afternoon tea, or a tea party for lunch, today we had a tea party for breakfast.

We enjoyed Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls topped with cream cheese frosting. White frosting is so ordinary and not tea party fancy at all so, we made the frosting purple.  I also made a delicious egg, ham, hash brown casserole for lack of a better description, that I will share the recipe with you in a bit.
Each place was set with a teacup name tag holder, a fun paper plate, a cute napkin, and a teacup of course! Today we put to use our special tea party place mats made for a previous tea party (for how to make these place mats click here Homemade Child Made Place Mats).
Since this is a tea party and my girls are not big fans of tea, we substitute tea for juice. Usually apple juice is our choice, since it looks like real tea. Sometimes we trade back and forth between a couple of different varieties of juice, since at a real tea party a range of teas are offered. Today I decided to make our tea just a bit more of a special treat and we had sparkling apple cider. It was fabulous darling!

 I take full advantage of our tea parties to talk to my girls about proper etiquette at the table. This is an opportunity to put our good manners we learn at the dinner table to use.
A perfectly purple pinkie up tea party! I hope you enjoyed drinking a spot of tea with us today! We sure enjoyed having you at our tea party.

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