Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Staying Focused

Oh yesterday, you have gone and now in your place is today. Yesterday I decided to rearrange my downstairs. This is not strange for me to do. However I made a pact with myself that I would stay focused on my master bedroom redo. I knew that if I started moving things around in the rest of the house I would find all the things I "need" to buy to decorate, redo or re beautify my home and therefor loose focus on the project at hand. Since for me my budget is so limited, I knew the wisest plan in accomplishing the master bedroom redo is to stay focused on only that room. Yesterday I deviated from the plan and though it was not with out fun, (because I love seeing what moving the couch from one placement in the room to another  does for the look of the room) it was with out final result. I am unsatisfied with everything I came up with, because moving furniture and accessories caused me to feel, "if only I had, this piece or that accessory, then the room would be grand!" Also resulting in my mind being occupied with what I could purchase to bring to life the vision in my head for my living room and dinning room. Again not a bad thing, except it all comes down to budget. If I spend "there", I then don't have money for the master bedroom.
Yesterday has gone and today I am back on focus and heading out to Sherwin Williams to see what glorious paint options they have for me in my master bedroom redo! Staying focused is not always easy, but it is something that can always be regained. Do not loose heart if you have a project you once started and then were distracted away from, just get re focused and get it done! Let me know what you are up to. What way are you allowing your creativity to be free?

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