Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Fever

A fever accompanied by the throw up bug, NO FUN!  When my little ones are under the weather I cherish the opportunity to lavish lots of snuggles and attention on them. I try to make them as comfortable as possible in an uncomfortable situation.

 A fever in summer is just a plain bummer! While everyone else was out at the pool, my  sweet Caitlin Joy and I spent the day getting her well again.
A cold cloth on a hot forehead is so soothing. A cold cloth on a hot forehead only stays cool for a short time.
A cold cloth slipping down over her eyes brought about a giggly laugh.
Since that cold cloth is no longer warm after just minuets on her head I came up with a solution. A solution that helped to keep her mind off not feeling well.

A plastic dish with a Blue Ice pack and two wet wash cloths. This way when one cloth warmed up there was a nice cold one to trade with.

Ice Chips in a straw cup to begin liquids slowly to an upset tummy.

So hard having our darling little ones under the weather no matter the time of year!
Here is a bit of Summer around my house... my back yard to be exact. Also a bit of Summer weather.

I know you must be wondering what in the world? Why did she take a picture of a fence? See that white fuzzy spot? That is Cottonwood. It blows all around my house, making it look like it is snowing. Very pretty and whimsical. Also deadly to me being a severe Asthmatic! I have a love hate relationship with those little fuzzies!

Cheyenne Mountain with a summer storm rolling in.

With thunder so loud at times it makes you jump, the storm arrived and it began to rain. You can barely see Cheyenne Mountain.
Often our summer skies are adorned with rainbows. God's wonderful promise to us and His reminder that He always keeps His promises!

This is the kind of weather I don't mind being under!

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