Sunday, March 17, 2013

Construction Journey Part 1

When we purchased our home we planned to build out our basement, put in a patio, update light fixtures and at some point redo our kitchen. Well life happened and time went by bringing us to four years later and finally construction is under way.
It has been a thrilling process and I couldn't be more pleased with our careful selection in choosing our contractor! I have had to make many decisions along this construction journey but the most important one has been the WHO were we going to trust into our home. Having any work done on or in the house while children are present is a decision not to take lightly when trusting access into your home. Especially for a job that requires weeks or months of work as our's has.
My kiddos have loved watching each truck deliver their goods, from lumber to dumpster to Port-A-Potty. I confess so have I... I have loved every step on this construction journey. Even the early morning wake up calls to the pound, pound, pound of a hammer or the late night spraying on of drywall texture, yes I have loved it all!
Here is a look at where we started from in our basement.

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