Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Construction Journey Part 2

In my previous post I told you how much I have been enjoying our construction journey. It truly has been a blast!
Here are several pictures that will speed you through to where our house was 2 weeks ago when we left for vacation. The morning we were getting ready to head out for our trip, I received a text from my contractor (he was in my basement and I was upstairs still getting ready) letting me know in 30 min. demo on our kitchen would begin. Yikes! Exciting, except no one had eaten breakfast. Let me just say, it was an interesting way to head out the door for a two week vacation. I was without a sink and had a close to demolished kitchen.
Vacation has been great fun however I have been anxious to return home to our construction zone. I can not wait to see up close the transformations that have taken place while we have been away. We hit the road tomorrow and begin our two day trip back home.
Hope you enjoy the sped up version of our construction journey.

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