Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Post For Post Sakes

As you already know... school is back in session! Homeschooling four little ones with a newborn, let me just say, EXHAUSTING! My brain has been on mental fry for the past week now! I have tried several times to sit down and put a post together, only to stare at a blank white screen. Yup, my brain has been blank. Not because I have nothing to share, because I do. I have, wait let me count... twelve, yes 12 projects in the works, but the words just have not been there. So I decided I would share with you a couple high lights of what has been going on around my Created Home. Let me just say what  has not been going on, is folding laundry, because my clean towel pile is taller than my three year old! Really quite impressive, but time to purge some towels I realized. See there... see what just happened? My brain is all over the place... mental fry... also explains the 12 projects at one time. Any how here are just a couple fun things.

Okay what was your first thought upon seeing this picture? The smiles suggest it is not something torturous. Well my little one on the far right would have said otherwise at first. Notice her nervous smile? This was a blind taste test. We were doing a science experiment about the tongue and how your taste buds (or as one of my daughters calls them, taste bugs) work. This was a blast! I highly suggest it for good laughs! The key: salty, sour, sweet and bitter
 Obviously my three year old dressed herself... not only does she not match, her shirt is even on backwards. Four months ago (baby is four months) I would of had her shirt turned around in a jiffy, but hey that is just one more thing to do right?
She posed like this on her own. Cracked me up. This is her Rapunzel tower. She proceeded to tell me, "mommy, don't worry! Don't worry! My tower will not fall down... I glued the boxes together." To which I replied, "glued?" 
Her: "yes glued." 
Me: "glued?"
Her: "yes mommy, glued. I used our new school glue you bought us."
Sure enough she glued the boxes together with white school glue. Not just a little glue, you know a lot of glue is needed when you are building a princess tower. 
Need I say more? This is a good explanation as to why my brain is on fry, my laundry is unfolded and dishes most days can be found in my sink. All of which though exhausting and challenging at times is the BEST blessing!
Hope you enjoyed a peak into some of the fun we have been having around our home. 

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