Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Letters

A friend of mine asked me what I have planed for Valentine's Day for my girls? I have not the foggiest idea! No problem, I still have a couple of days to figure it out. Smile, smile! What I do know is what I have done for my girls in the past.
Here is something  I did for each of my girls to show my love and how special they are to me.

 The girl's letters hang over their beds. I told my girls that every time they climb into bed at night and see their letter they can know how much mommy loves them! How very special they are to me! The years have passed and still my girls treasure their letters. They are already reminding me we need to make one for our new baby! Just touches my heart that this simple act conveys so much love to my children.

This polka dotted letter C is going to be redone since a new room awaits my now three year old with a different color scheme.

I bought these letters at Hobby Lobby and after painting them added a picture hanger to the back so they could hang on their walls. Just make sure you do not hammer the nail through to the front of the letter. Not that I would know from experience. 

Now time for me to get creative for this year's Valentine's Day!

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