Monday, April 18, 2011

Plastic Bins Made Into Drawers

 Life on a budget can leave you with no extra cash flow to buy a needed storage space for "stuff". A house where kids need to double up in bedrooms can cause space to become cramped. Parts of the country where you experience seasons and weather changes from day to day can lead to over loaded drawer space. Toys, toys, toys and no place to store them can leave you frustrated.
Why not put to use that unused under bed space to solve those problems and not break the bank at the same time? My simple solution to the dilemma I faced, turn plastic bins into drawers. My daughter is sharing a room  with her (soon to be born) baby brother. I have scoured Craigslist for a dresser that could accommodate both of them while acting as a changing table at the same time. I just kept coming up empty. I currently own a changing table that I was plenty fine with getting rid of, but not to replace it with another changing table. That just seemed senseless to me. So being empty handed... for lack of one big dresser for both kids, I got creative. The changing table will serve the needs of baby and under bed drawers will serve the needs of my daughter.
Here is what I did.
First I measured the distance from the floor to the bottom of the bed. I then went to Target and found bins that would easily slide in and out from under the bed.

I then placed a piece of scotch tape on the bin where I wanted to drill holes to add a rope handle. I marked the spots for the drill holes with permanent marker.
 I sized up my rope and chose a drill bit to match.
 I then drilled the holes. Putting the drill in reverse once the hole is made makes exiting the plastic bin a breeze.

I threaded the rope through the first hole. Tied a knot on the inside of the bin and then tied a knot on the outside. I did this to help keep the rope from sliding back into the bin. I then threaded the rope through the other hole and tied a knot on the inside of the bin.
Hint: you can put scotch tape around the end of your rope to ease it through the hole.

 An ordinary plastic bin has now "bin" transformed into a drawer.

Since my daughters bed is still being transformed into cute, I show her clothes under the crib. In actuality they are under her bed. The crib will also have drawers to house toys.

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