Monday, August 23, 2010

The Changing of the Curtains

After nine years I decided it was time to once again attempt to change out the bedding in my master bedroom. I had tried a few years back but just could not find anything to my liking that did not break the bank. I suffer from the, "I have a knack for picking the highest priced item in the store, with out even trying," syndrome. Are you familiar with that one, ring any bells for some of you? Well for me it has at times been a stumbling block. At times, I just can not "settle" on something I do not like as much, so If it can not be perfectly the way I want, then I will wait. The other issue that ailed me was,  if I changed my bedding then I had to change my curtains and then the "cha-ching, cha-ching" sound chimed in my husband's head and contentment once again settled in my heart. Why does it always have to come down to the changing of the curtains?

So here I am nine years later, after some creative steps forward, lots of prayer and  a very small budget I have begun my master bedroom make over.
Here is how I began:
First I searched the internet for what style I wanted, maybe I wanted to branch out and go modern since through and through I am not contemporary, though I like it for someone else, maybe just maybe I could try. Nope after many attempts I found I am what I am and I am going to remain, a country something or other kinda girl. So that was settled. I also knew I did not want, "open bag throw on bed and windows and viola room complete." I wanted to put myself to the test and find out what I could create from nothing. So I poured through the internet price comparing quilts, duvets, curtains, standard shams, euro shams and throw pillows, oh my. In so doing this, I would know a good deal when I saw one and I would not pass it up!
Second I hit every discount store I could think of, from Marshall's to Ross, HomeGoods, Bed Bath and Beyond clearance, e bay, Craigslist, even Target. The first shopping attempt, I remained empty handed but not defeated! I was determined to bring to life a new master bedroom for my family and I to enjoy. I ventured out again and found  euro shams I fell in love with on clearance, a throw pillow too... score!  Off I went  yet again and this time I had a more open mind, guess what I found a duvet at a lower price than what I was even aiming for! Now the building of a "master" piece really begins.  Later I found a quilt, king size for an amazing price, that also included shams. My bed was taking shape and setting a new tone for my room.
Third I needed to find curtains and the challenge increased. Why oh why do they have to cost so much? I gave myself a much needed pep talk and off I went to Bed Bath and Beyond (the last place I actually  went, of course) and found on sale curtains that are not perfect in my former definition of perfect, but perfect in my new and  renewed way of thinking kind of way! I still had three smaller windows to dress...oh golly that will really add up. While I was at Lowe's picking out paint sample thinga ma bobs, I checked the clearance... you guessed it! Three balloon shades that would work wonders for a steal of a deal! Oh now for the hardware... sigh... oh wait, a buck 98 each rod... this is unbelievable! Let the butterflies fly I was so excited!

Who needed to fear the changing of the curtains after all! Tear um down and let the sun shine in... only temporarily until the new ones are hung! 

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