Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ouiet... Peace... Peace and Quiet

Thirty minutes of quiet! Does not sound like anything wonderful, unless you picture five kids from ages nine to 4 months and one mommy all day every day. Then 3o minutes of quiet sounds like bliss!
Every day my goal is to have my kids spend 3o minutes in their rooms on their beds being quiet. Reading books, napping, resting without sleeping, reading the Bible, makes no difference how they choose to spend those minutes, just QUIET!
Oh how long those minutes seem to the little ones and oh how fast they fly for me. My thirty minutes are also spent being quiet and not cleaning anything!! My rule for myself is to treasure these minutes at rest as well. Being still before the Lord, just breathing easy and not answering a flurry of questions. Taking time to write with out chatter in the background. Thirty glorious minutes of quiet!
I know a day will soon be upon me when all is quiet around me and I will long for these boisterous days. But for now thirty minutes in a quiet home is just plain wonderful!

So may I encourage you, if you too are in the stage of continual noise in your life, to find thirty minutes in your day to just have quiet. You will be so glad you did! 

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