Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Curtains Dressed Up

The curtains in my dinning room were just a tad too short. Using coordinating fabric that I have in the adjoining living room. I decided to make a ruffle at the bottom. This way it added some length as well as a bit of somethin' extra to the room.

Too short!

I first cut the fabric to the size of ruffle I wanted needed. I went with 12" because that was all the fabric I had left. So that seemed the perfect size to me!
I hemmed the edges.  Then I pinned the soon to be ruffle on the curtain. I placed my pins where I wanted to sew my stitch to make the ruffle. Then using the box pleat method I sewed the fabric to the bottom of the curtain. So basically you fold the fabric one way and then the opposite direction the next time. Keep repeating and you end up with a understated ruffle effect.
If you look closely you can see where the pins are.

So much better! Especially considering it did not coast me anything!
My daughter thinks they look like dresses now! See how happy they are to be beautiful? They are dancing in the wind! Don't you just love easy changes?

Now I just need to get my craft dinning room back in order!

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