Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tooth {Fairy} Pillow

I am the world's worst tooth fairy. My girls don't believe in the tooth fairy, but we still have fun with it. I am notorious to forget to take the tooth and leave the money, night after night. I tell my girls, "I am just keeping them in suspense!"  Finally when I do remember, most times I leave the money and forget to take the tooth. My girls laugh at me and we are making fun memories of me as a horrible tooth fairy!
I have recently been forced asked to share what I came up with for my daughter who lost her tooth. Oh the things we do for friends (I love you friend!) I have to say this idea needs some improvements. I literally, no joke threw it together in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. I made a promise to my daughter that I would make something special for her and then the days day got away from me. So I could not have another moment go by with out keeping my promise. So in advance my disclaimer is made... this is a very ROUGH version of what you could improve upon.

All I did was cut out two pieces of felt in the shape of a heart. You could do a tooth, truck, star, circle for a baseball or any shape you desire. The basic idea behind this non pillow, tooth"pillow" is that it can either go under the child's bed pillow, hang on a door knob or hang on a bed post. Whatever the child chooses.
I even created a secret pocket for the tooth. See it there in the side?
The front pocket is for the money. Here is where this tooth pillow needs an improvement. I used a single ribbon on the front to create the pocket. It is not quite high enough to really do a good job holding the money. Either use two ribbons sewn together or make a pocket out of fabric.

Here is what I did:
To one of the hearts you need to sew on your front pocket.
Placing the two hearts back together (pocket facing out) I  sewed a Zig Zag stitch around the heart (I folded the ribbon handle in half and inserted it between the two hearts) 
Make sure you leave an opening for the secret pocket. 
I then sewed on another ribbon just under the secret pocket this will keep the tooth from falling all the way inside the pillow.
Lastly I sewed down the two sides of the secret pocket. So it ended up creating a  square pocket.
Or you could use the secret pocket for money.
You could stuff this and actually make it into a pillow.

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