Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kids In the Kitchen

I love having my kids in the kitchen with me... most of the time. Sometimes I just need to get dinner on the table after a full day of non stop demands and mishaps with out added extra stress. I knew that the ideal scenario for me to have my kids cook dinner with me, is easy and early. Not at the end of the day when  everyone is hungry, tired and needs my attention. When dare I say... my patience is low. 
A while back I began searching for a good, EASY cookbook for kids. I really wanted a cookbook that did not require my kids, who are still very young to be over a hot stove or opening a hot oven. My ideal book would be recipes for the Crockpot. I was so thrilled when I came across this kids cookbook on one of our outings to the bookstore. The moment I opened it I knew I had found exactly what I had been desiring. The recipe instructions are easy for a child to read and understand. The pictures on the pages are not cluttered and overwhelming. The ingredients are not strange but rather kid friendly and adult appetizing as well. Recipes that my kids could make for the whole family to enjoy for dinner. Recipes that are made early in the day and ready when everyone is hungry! Fabulous!

I not only want my kids to have fun dumping ingredients in a bowl, I want the time they spend in the kitchen to be rich with learning. From measuring out ingredients to the responsibility of cleaning up, I want my kids to learn the joy of serving others. Each child has a turn to learn to be the servant of all when it is her day to be the family chef. That child is the one who prepares the meal, sets the table, fills the drinks, serves each person and helps clean up when dinner is done. The joy and pleasure my children have in doing this, is a great reminder to me that is the attitude I too need to maintain in my heart! Meal time does not just have to be one more task required of us as parents, but rather one more opportunity to teach our children the joy of serving others.

Grace chose to make a Taco dish that was not only easy it was yummy! As you can see she chose to serve dinner on paper plates... smart girl! Easy clean up!

Since I have more than one Crockpot, we decided it would be fun to have Grace make dinner in one and dessert in the other. For dessert she choose a Gooey Chocolate Cake that was oh so gooey good! The cake was warm, topped with vanilla ice cream that melted in and added to the yummy factor!
Does this picture make you want to purchase a cookbook for your kiddos?

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