Monday, February 28, 2011

Closet Blues

Here is just a little something I have been up to. Only a peek though since I am still in the process and there is much to be done. See if you can guess where this is taking place.

In a previous post I painted this ugly school shelf I have. Notice that the closet is painted in the color that is found throughout my home. Not a bad color, just not my choice. When we bought our house, every wall and closet had a fresh coast of paint... all the same paint, this paint. Slowly I am changing that. The room this closet is in has been painted by me now three times, the closet obviously remained untouched. Thank goodness! Even though the space is small the job was back bending, even the ceiling was painted!

I painted the room blue, painted the shelf and just could NOT live with the closest unpainted any longer! I was unsure if I would have enough blue paint left over from painting the room. I sure did not want to buy more, so I got creative. The kids bathroom is different shade of blue and I definitely have enough of that paint. So it was worth taking a chance. I also thought having the closet a different color would not overpower the room with so much blue!

 Now doesn't that look better?
It was definitely worth bending my back for. The blues look nice together... what a relief!
Remember... just a peek! Did you guess what room this is? Check back for more!

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