Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kid's Towels Organized

Here is a closet that finally was refreshed with a coat of paint. Such a simple thing but it really made a big difference. .

This is the closet in the kids bathroom. A bathroom used by four soon to be five kids! I knew I had to come up with some sort of order for whose towel is whose, without spending a ton in monogramming. I just needed to be creative with what I already had.
So I reduced the amount of towels for the kiddos to two or three towels a person. I assigned a different towel color to each child. Then I made hanging color coded labels for easy reference of whose towel is whose. Easy even for daddy to keep things running smooth.
For now, again using what I already had available, I put labels on bins for simple easy, no excuse here is where "this" item goes organization. I even started a bin for the new baby to hold all those little things baby needs, like nail clippers, lotion etc. Eventually I will replace the bins with something a little more attractive, but for now it gets the job done.
I have found a start toward better organization is better than waiting until things are exactly, perfectly how I picture and hope them to be.
Once again using Word I made a double sided tag and then sealed it with contact paper. Using ribbon I already had and hooks I had from a picture hanging kit, I hung the tags. I drilled small holes into the shelf and then twisted the hook into place.

My girls just love getting into all their hair bows to do their dolls hair. The result has been missing bows and a drawer destroyed of any organization by little hands. I chose to hang their bows inside the closet. I used a mug hook left over from our  Personalized Chore Charts (click here). I drilled a small hole into the wall, stuck the mug hook through the top of a ribbon and then twisted the hook into the wall.

So far my system is working great! No more wondering who forgot to hang up their towel and finger pointing from one child to another of who to culprit was.

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