Friday, March 11, 2011

Gifts For Baby

A wonderful friend of mine and her mom surprised me with a gift for our little baby boy! I was so touched and blessed by their thoughtfulness toward us as well as their excitement for our first boy! I just love what they made for me! I wanted to share it with all of you for ideas and inspiration. Either for your own little one or as a gift. Let me tell you, your recipient will be thrilled and blessed, just as I was!

 A darling blanket made from two different flannel fabrics. I can just picture our little boy putting this to use. Adorable!

Matching burp clothes... how fun is that!

Love it! I know this will be a favorite of our little  boy! All those ribbons to grab on to and cover them with slobber! I can not wait!
What a joy and blessing to have this surprise package at my doorstep! It just makes the fact that we are having a boy (uncharted territory for our family) all the more real! Thank you to my beautiful friend and her beautiful mom!

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