Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finger Painting with Whip Cream

Finger painting is fun, plain and simple! Finger painting that you can lick your fingers and sample your art is even better! In the past we have used shaving cream, so I thought why not whip cream? What a thought! My girls had so much fun and really enjoyed the sweet treats that came along with "painting" no doubt about that!

All you need is:
Whip Cream
Food Coloring
Wax Paper
Masking Tape or Painters Tape
or Anything else you come up with!

I just taped a piece of wax paper to the table put globs of the whip cream on each paper and let the girl's imaginations soar! It was a great deal of fun watching how each one approached what was set before them. To see how each child created something totally different!

You can also use yogurt or pudding. Choosing vanilla would allow you to use food color or find yogurt/ pudding that is already flavored and colored.

You can really see the different personalities displayed! Such fun! Just wash in warm water and soap to rid their little hands of the oil in the Whip Cream.

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