Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Growing Girl's Room

A room fit for a princess! My sweet princess Hailey Grace who happens to be my first born. In just a matter of days she will be celebrating her ninth Birthday. Gasp! I can hardly believe how quick time is going by! How grown up she is becoming.

When asked what she would like for her Birthday, not a single toy, doll, stuffed animal or anything falling in a similar category was mentioned. Gasp! Gasp again! What she wanted was new bedding! Something green, since as the years pass her love for the color is growing.

We searched the Internet for ideas and when we came across the below bedding (found at Pottery Barn Kids) she lit up and was instantly in love! To see the excitement on her face and hear the joy in her voice, I was SOLD! A call went into Grandma, who wanted to be the bearer of this wonderful gift and the purchase was made!

First, more of a look around the room.

 Hailey Grace at age 7... once excited about the bedding pictured here.
 A very happy Hailey Grace approaching age 9!

Now a future project, extra pillows and pizazz added to her bed! Oh how I love to keep myself busy with my "Hopes and To Do" list as I call it. 
 The sheets are polka dots and the duvet is paisley! Could there be a better combination! Super cute!
Such a loving, sweet big sister Hailey Grace is... she is having Christiana Hope spend the night with her! Intentionally there is not a picture of Grace sleeping... out of respect for her private personality!

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