Friday, September 10, 2010

Glorious Garage Sales

I am new to garage sailing. My first experience of waking up early with a planned route was over Labor Day weekend. How it all began, was on that Friday I stumbled upon a garage sale in my neighborhood and my girls begged me if we could go. Not to let them down, since they insisted, I put the car in park. I had already given myself a talk about the guidelines I was to stay within. I was only there with a specific purpose, to find the items on my wish list. I would not have guilt if I had to walk away with out buying anything. Say it again... no guilt buying! Junk is junk, but treasures could be hidden and ready to be discovered.
That garage sale was a great thrill for me! I did not walk away with much in quantity but a great deal in value as well as a hunger for more deals! I had for the past few days been hitting the thrift stores and goodwill in search of lamps. The best I found was $9.00 but still I just felt like I could do better! So I walked away each time empty handed. At this Friday garage sale I walked away with two lamps (in need of shades) for $2.00! Now I wanted more great finds for so little! When I got back home is when I decided I just needed to jump in with both feet, devise a plan of action and spend my Saturday morning garage sailing. That is exactly what I did... thank you Craigslist.
Tagging along with me for my first Saturday garage sale adventure, was my friend Lauren ( and my six year old daughter. The first countless number of houses we came up empty. Not to be discouraged, yet, so on we went, following every sign that was not on my list. Still nada, zip, zero, nothing! Now time to be discouraged... but wait there is one on my list that is right by my house. Surly one more is fine. SCORE! I found a great, framed chalk board... oh but she was asking more than I wanted to pay. Dilemma, do I get up the courage to haggle or just walk away leaving the treasure for someone else more brave than I? No I could not walk away! I mustered up the courage and to my gleeful surprise she said yes to my offer! I wanted to say, "seriously?" Thankfully I restrained and only let the shock  show on my face I am sure. Who me a virgin garage saler'? No not a chance... that obvious huh? On our way from there we followed yet one more sign where they were having a whole slew of garage sales! First house two more lamps with shades! On to the other houses. The next house is where I came up empty, not in treasure but in dollar! Yes you guessed it I spent every last garage sale dollar I had! Oh the magnificent treasures! Every single thing on my wish list (really prayer list) was there waiting to find comfort in my loving arms as I proudly drove them to their new home! The day was a great success after all! It only took a few hours, a thousand (exaggeration mine) houses having garage sales and a determined undefeated attitude. But lo and behold victory was mine! I even met some really fabulous people in the process! Hi my name is Carrie and I am a garage sale addict!

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