Monday, November 7, 2011

Maintenance Monday

Maintenance Monday is something new we are trying out around our Created Home. So far I am loving this simple addition to my kids regular daily chores. With a family of seven my daily upkeep of our home just keeps increasing. It dawned on me, along with the work increase so is the age increase of my kids. Translation... they are capable of doing more to help out. Oh happy day!
I am using my classroom chalkboard to write the job for each child. Each Monday may have different maintenance needs, so a chalkboard works out great.
Even my three year old gets in on the fun. She often comes to me during the week and asks me if she can feather dust. Oh and another fun dusting tip for little hands. Use an old sock. They simply place it on their hand and wipe away. You can let them decorate the top of the sock to make it even more fun.

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