Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Royal Princess Dinner

A little girl's dream... to have a royal dinner with the Disney Princesses. We spent a week stomping all over Walt Disney World in Florida creating many wonderful memories. One highlight of our experience was dinning in Cinderella's Castle and getting to meet the Princesses. Each girl (except my nine year old who was not interested) picked out the princess dress of her choice for the occasion. This really added to the fun and splendor of the night.
When we returned home from our vacation we decided it would be fun to have Grace, my oldest be chef to her princess sisters. Grace selected her recipes from her crockpot cookbook (click here Kids In the Kitchen) and prepared her appetizer, entree and dessert. She then served us all and we enjoyed a Royal dinner at home in our "castle". What fun it was to have a wonderful memory extend into our "common" lives. 

Princesses ready for their Royal dinner of  Garden Salad, Creamy Lasagna, and Apple Crisp Ala mode for dessert.

 We got to enjoy our vacation with cousins.
Two of my princesses dressed in commoners clothes in front of Cinderella's Castle.
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