Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dollar Frame Gets New Purpose

I found this frame at a yard sale for $1.00. What to do with a picture frame that is missing the glass? Well what I did with this particular one is, turn it into a flannel board or felt board by using burlap fabric. Flannel and felt are not the most attractive fabrics that is for sure, but they are pretty fabulous in conveying a story to a young child. I have many flannel board stories and learning tools for my classroom. I wanted a permanent fixture in my classroom that I did not hate looking at. My solution was burlap because I like the texture. Also with burlap versus flannel, at a later date I can re purpose this burlap covered frame for a message or display board by adding ribbon or some sort of clip hanging system to the fabric. 
All I did was cut the fabric, leaving enough to overlap to the back of the board. Then I  hot glued the fabric edges to the back edges of the picture frame back board. Simple as that for a really great and fun result!

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