Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Indoor Hopscotch

As a child I loved, adored was thrilled by the simple game of Hopscotch. My childhood school yard like so many had this wondrous game. As I ran from one part of the playground to the next if I passed over the Hopscotch, I did not simply run over it. I  hopped through each square at every passing. My neighborhood sidewalks often were adorned with chalk drawn Hopscotch.
So what to do on those cold or wet rainy days when Hopscotch might just wash away or be covered in snow? Bring it INSIDE!
Using painters tape (so it easily removes) I created an indoor Hopscotch.
 We have graced our entry way floor with this game for over a month now and there is NOT a day it does not get hopped through. Even as an energy release during our homeschool days, I send the girls through the Hopscotch.
 Visitors have come over and it has been fun to see them return to carefree childhood days as they hop their way into our home. It may not be beautiful... but it sure is FUN!
 Fun links make for great individual Hopscotch markers.

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