Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sharing is Caring

 Remember my Mason Jar Memories Post? Well it has been so fun to see how many have pinned the idea, shared it on Facebook or have put it into use. Over at  Fishtail Cottage a Mason Jar Memory pops up in a little girls new bedroom. It turned out amazing!
Thank you Fishtail Cottage for featuring me.

Something I would love to share with you is my darling nine year old daughter's blog. Creative Colorings and Crafts. My daughter is not excited when she is asked by her teacher aka me to write a story. Okay she is not excited to even write one sentence. I had her start this blog in hopes that doing something fun and creative would inspire at least a like, if not a desire for writing. If you have children in your life this would be a fun blog to follow. Everything has been created by my nine year old. She is in most instances the photographer as well. I am her proof reader and at times her editor or adviser. But this blog is hers and she loves doing it.
May I also add as her teacher, having her do a blog covers many areas of education. Computer skills, art, writing, language, photography and design in several forms. She really has to be thinking. When she creates a project she now takes her blog into consideration. I love seeing a child's imagination in motion. Hope you are inspired in some way!

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