Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Basket Case

I love baskets! As a young child of four years, I took dance classes next door to a shop where all they made and sold were baskets. My mom took me in there once and  from that day on, after every class I would beg her to take me back. The smell, the different shapes, colors and textures of  the shelves and shelves of baskets was so fascinating to me. Here I am decades later and baskets are still woven into my heart.
I found these baskets on clearance and knew I would find a use for them. I just had no idea when I bought them how perfectly adorable they could become. Here is the transformation of three very plain and ordinary baskets into cute and purposeful.
  I began by threading the ribbon through the top and bottom of the basket.

I then hot glued the ribbon to the basket. On the bottom I folded the ribbon in and glued it's edge so it would not fray, before gluing it to the basket.

I stenciled a star between the two ribbons. I used a stencil brush, but I am sure a paintbrush would work just fine.

There are so many great things you could do. Instead of stenciling the star directly on the basket you could attach a wooden star cutout. Or add a small chalk board. Add a word in wooden letters. Or a monogram. Add a small picture frame. The possibilities are limitless. These baskets have a specific purpose now and I can not wait to put them in their new home. These baskets will be "hanging" out in my baby boy and horse lover daughter's room. I will reveal their special spot in a post to soon to follow.

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