Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Perspective

Fact about me, I am hard on myself. I do not always see the beauty of my things or the things in my home. Why? Because I often act like I should be living inside the pages of a magazine. Reality number one, I do not have that kind of cash flow. Number two, I have four kids, a dog, friends who live with us (who also have a dog), a husband and a life! Enough reasons... I could have stopped at, I have four kids and sympathy and understanding would have been pouring my way from each of you, I know. The sad, pathetic truth is, I do struggle with wanting that picture perfect house, but it would come at a price I am not willing to pay. That price is solitude.
What  am I doing about it? I am continually listening to my Lord as He leads me gently, opening my eyes to the vast amount of blessings that surround me. I have four kids, a husband, a dog, a friend for my dog, friends who live with us... what a blessed HOME I have!
Perspective! Keeping things in perspective is not always easy, but a necessity!
When I set out to redo my master bedroom, it came from a place of complete and utter despair and frustration. I felt like a failure as a homemaker. My ideas, intentions, plans, and expectations, for my household, did not match up with the everyday reality of my life. The laundry alone for a family my size is a full time job. Not to mention all the sweet moments as mom that gladly steal away from the duties as home maker. Leaving me feeling behind and coming up short.
Sad to say, my bedroom has been overlooked when it comes to decorating. To top it off, it was becoming the clean clothes drop spot.  Around my home, once things appear to be out of order, it then seems to send the message to husband and kids, go ahead throw that toy on my bedroom floor. Oh yes, of course, please leave your dirty clothes in the corner. So the pressure on myself, that I placed upon myself, mounted. From my perspective, I was failing. Why couldn't I keep everything under control and complete each household task in the timely manor I envisioned? I had a much needed cry out to the Lord for help and then  I called my sister. My sister helped open my eyes to reality and  filled me with great words of encouragement. She also gave me a website to visit (, and I got to vent. Oh to vent... getting to hear myself, golly, how I needed my perspective to change. I also realized in that moment I needed my master bedroom to change. My room is the first thing I see int the morning and the last thing I see before I close my eyes for the night. Me, being the very, ultra, completely ascetically aware person that I am, why would I not begin and end my day with a surrounding that pleases me? Time for that to change!
We are all different, us as people, us as individuals. Some could careless if the kitchen faucet is not perfectly aligned with the center of the sink, while others of us, we have to go and straighten it. Figuring out what kind of person you are will help in creating the kind of HOME you want to have.  I have come a long way over the years, and am more relaxed about having a lived in home. In fact I love it. That being said, I also have come to realize the importance of balance. It is okay to have things tidy, clean, organized, decorated and beautified as long as I am not doing it at the cost of having a home. A home where life is lived and memories are created! Perspective, it all comes down to perspective.

Are you ready to see some of the things the Lord has blessed me with for the re-making of my  master bedroom? Creating a place I enjoy and want to be.

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